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For many years we have been dealing with the health of the children's teeth. Recently we have extended our dental services to adults. The time has come to look after the beauty of our whole family. Treatments of Aesthetic Medicine effectively slow down the aging process of the skin and cause that we look young and happy !!! Every woman - Mother, future Mother, Grandma, future Grandma can now take care of her appearance in our clinic. Every man - Dad, future Dad, Grandfather and future Grandfather can delay the aging process of the skin.

In summer, consultations with our aesthetic medicine doctors are free. Some treatments that can leave permanent traces associated with solar intensity – are not carried out during the summer! Call and register and we'll tell you how we can take care of your beauty !!!

Needle mesotherapy - the doctor uses the thin needles to introduce into the skin various types of substances that moisturize, firm, eliminate wrinkles and improve both the appearance of the skin and face oval. After just one treatment you can see the effects. Mesotherapy is performed: face, neck, cleavage and hand skin. Mesotherapy is also applied to the scalp for thickening and hair growth. The treatment is always performed under special anaesthesia.

Correction of the red lip - the lips are an asset to every woman. Over time, they lose their firmness and shape. With the help of measures dedicated to this type of treatment, our doctor will change it by firming, correcting the shape, and lift the falling corners of the mouth. The treatment is also carried out under anaesthesia.

Liquidation of mimic wrinkles - forehead and areas between the eyebrows. After just one treatment the wrinkles become smoother. A small change in appearance can give the effect of open eyes and fresh look.

Filling - nasolabial folds can add even at a very young age a couple of years. It does not have to be! And here one treatment is enough to take away few years for every woman! A similar situation is with drooping cheeks.

All treatments at our clinic are performed by doctors of aesthetic medicine. In a safe way, they will allow all the ladies and gentlemen to take care of their healthy, appearance for many years. Register for a free consultation with aesthetic medicine doctor at 58 765 02 21 or 508 311 557 to the Beautiful Family Clinic combined with Orthodontics and Family Dentistry in Gdynia, ul. Warszawska 78.

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