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In summer, we offer a rich promotional package:

As part of dental activities, we offer:

  1. A full dental control in the Hospitable Gdynia Dentistry package offered for free for the first 5 patients-tourists and for half price for all other tourist patients (18 €).
  2. Cabinet teeth whitening - Summer Smile - at a very promotional price of 80 € . In addition, scaling or sanding treatments - if required before whitening - are offered at half price as part of the same offer.
  3. Summer orthodontic action for adults - Smile with DR SMILE, in which we offer transparent orthodontic aligners at extremely attractive prices.
  4. A summer orthodontic action for young people – Orthodontic Instalments, where the fee for orthodontic appliances is spread over very friendly instalments.
  • As part of aesthetic medicine we offer:
  1. Face Rejuvenating for the summer season by liquidation of wrinkles with botulinum toxin in a promotional price of 80 € for one area, e.g. wrinkles between eyebrows, wrinkles and furrows of the forehead or raising "falling eyes".
  2. The treatment of moisturizing the lip red and correction of lip shape - Moisturized Lips - at a sensational price of 180 €.
  3. Platelet-rich plasma therapy, so-called Vampire Lifting causing the natural regeneration and firming of the skin, the elimination of fine wrinkles and raising the face oval at a sensational price of 280 €.
  4. For all patients who do not know how they can delay aging processes or take care of the face, we offer Free Consultations with aesthetic medicine doctors - Dr. Agata Wąchalska or dr Patrycja Tyrańska.

Check the details of our promotions.

Call +48 58 765 02 21 or +48 508 311 557 and make an appointment.

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